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Everyone is alien, all the friends and relatives are at home, there is no work to go to. If you do not know the language, it is even worse. Homesickness is a terrible malady that strikes almost all migrants in the first months of their stay. Some stand the test and get used to the new life, others become depressed until the very end. That is why it makes sense to think everything over beforehand, but if there are no doubts left, here is what a Russian bride should do (in case her chosen one is already waiting for her).

A Russian bride abroad is not always happy If you are to get married, it is better if it takes place in the home country of the fiancé, not in Russia. A marriage contracted in Russia could be deemed illegitimate, as it is in some countries where only a church marriage is considered to be legal. It is a good idea to arrange two marriages: one in Russia, one abroad. Remember that nowadays any Russian bride is treated with certain suspicion, and chances are you would not be allowed to leave your country and to get a visa, if you do not own a business and have a monthly income of not less than 500 US dollars. In this case, you need a so-called fiancée visa for 90 days, until the expiration of which you have to get married legally.

Every year in Irkutsk, a Siberian city, there are 30-40 marriages with citizens of other countries. The difficulties lie in the embassy interview, where one could be asked the most unexpected questions. The officials would be very surprised if the spouse to-be does not remember by heart the name and surname of her beloved, his address and place of work.

We have asked thirty single Russian women from Irkutsk whether they want to marry a man from another country. About 70 percent answered positively, saying they do not expect anything good from Russian men. Nadia, an accountant, confidently says: "I would marry and then gradually take over much of the property". The rest confess modestly that the desire to live in a large, beautiful house with a swimming pool is very high. About 20 percent said they have doubts, and the remaining 10 percent proudly rejected the overseas fiancés, satisfied with what they have.

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